Chapter 73: Taking Responsibility for Your Actions

Bravery born out of daring leads to slaughter;
Bravery born of humility leads to life.
These two sides might benefit you or do harm to you.

Isn’t Heaven actually¬†loathsome¬†which causes one to become aware of their Reason?
To be like Saint Jew, fret about it. (Make knowing your purpose your problem.)

Heaven’s Way is to fail to live up to expectations and still be good and victorious;
It is self evident: good to respond to, not to summon like tap water.
Repair correctly and plan well.

Heaven’s Net is greater than great.
God may seem negligent, but He misses nothing.

Chapter 72: Loving Yourself

The people don’t fear power, until a large power arrives.

They lack intimacy in their homes, and lack loathing where they grow.

A man does not object to this;
To be according to (the Tao) do not object to this.

To be Saintly yourself, be aware of your uneasiness;
hold yourself admiringly, since you are precious.

The reason to leave that (uneasiness) is to choose this (preciousness).

Chapter 71: To Know Illness

To be aware, unknowingly, is the highest achievement.

Unknowingly, to be aware (of your illness), is also an illness.

Saints are not diseased. They are sick of sickness.

Only a man who is sick of sickness is not ill.


As one who has a chronic disease, this passage speaks very strongly to me about learning to live with the way your body is, not how you want it to be.

Chapter 69: To Use The Mysterious Tao

To use Tao’s force there is to speak:

I don’t deserve your praise
to serve as master
as well as to serve as guest.

You flatter me to come in an inch,
as well as to allow me to withdraw a foot.

To speak of doing without doing,
throws one into confusion about lacking arms.

Throw away your enemies to lack an adversary;
Execute a plan to have no military.

The greatest disaster is gently engaging in war,
To do so will cause the death of the precious gentleness.

Because in defiance of both sides of the military,
it seems that only those who grieve are the victors.

Chapter 68: To Be Deserving of Heaven

It’s good to become a scholar and not a soldier.
It’s good to be a fighter and not indignant.
It’s good to be able to be victorious over your adversary but to give concessions to them.

Good servants act “under” or less-than.
(They do not strive to be more than they are.)

To speak of “living up to expectations” is to speak of “De” (or goodness and virtue).
To speak of servants is to speak of power.
To speak of deserving Heaven, is to speak of the extremely old.

Chapter 67: 3 Treasures

The world speaks of my Tao as great, but it seems unworthy.
Man alone is great but seems unworthy.
It seems similar, but time makes man precious!

I have 3 treasures to hold and defend.
The first is compassion.
The second is frugality.
The third is humility from worldly fame.

Compassion allows me to be brave.
Frugality allows me to spread my wealth.
Humility allows me to advance consistently.

Today, they give up compassion and bravery.
They abandon frugality but still spend.
They abandon Queenly behavior but still expect to advance!
They will surely die!

The compassionate man will be victorious even in battle,
because he will overcome hardness with its strength.
Heaven shall rescue him, because compassion guards him.

Chapter 66: After 9-11 a.m.

As a result of being subordinate,
the rivers and the sea may act as king
to 100 valleys according to the Tao.

To be Saintly, your first desires
must necessarily lay with the people,
in order to speak secondly of them;
Wanting to put the people first
sets a good example and is like a Queen.

To be Saintly, dwell first among the unimportant people.
Dwell early and do not do harm.

Yes, to be Worldly, laugh, refuse responsibility
without needing to loathe others.

By our shared failure to live up to expectations,
there is none in the world who may not take part in its struggle.

Chapter 65: Pure Virtue

The good ancients became Taoists,
not in order to understand the people,
but to prepare stupid people.

The people are a problem to control
because they have a lot of knowledge.

This is because in order
to have the knowledge to rule a nation,
the people of a nation will become thieves.

Take exception to knowledge to rule a nation,
and the nation will prosper.
(I guess the current Republican party knows what they’re doing!)

To know this, both sides also inspect form.
Constantly to be aware of form,
is to speak of mysterious goodness and virtue (Black De)
Mysterious virtue, long-lasting and profound.

To give what you have until you have nothing
is to be like an Empress and an elder sage and is most favorable.

Chapter 64: To Guard The Very Smallest

That which is at peace is simple to maintain.
It does not seek to change.

That which is brittle is easily melted.
That which is miniature is easily scattered.
Because it does not yet exist,
Control it in orderly enlightenment.

Join and surround it in wood.
To grow in a hair and end there;
9 layers it broadcasts.

To raise and accumulate the dust of
1000 neighborhoods, it is capable,
begin to be sufficient below.

Because of its worshipers,
Those who grasp at it, miss it.
To be with the saints, lack action.

Reason (Tao) lacks defeat,
lacks everyone’s grasp,
because it lacks a model or master.

The people, the Tao undertakes,
constantly at the small table,
to become accomplished and to be defeated.

It cautiously brings their endings
as it brings forth new beginnings.
To follow (the Tao) is to lack all loss in all things.

To be according to the saints,
desire not to desire
that which is precious, hard to come by, or a rare commodity.

Study, rather than being ignorant and incompetent,
and recover everyone’s place in life.

In order to assist the 10,000 things naturally,
without needing to do something, dare to become (who you are – a part of the Tao).