A Ragtime For the Bedraggled

I just wrote some lyrics. I’m gonna post em here – so I guess it’s more of a poem for y’all, since I haven’t recorded any sound with it. It’s about MS. I’m in a bit of pain at the moment: achy all over, tired, and I was thinking about how hard some of us work (at least I know I have at times) to be super happy and present — it’s about like putting on a Vaudeville act. I started hearing ragtime music in my head, and this is what came out.

A Ragtime For The Bedraggled

Silent inner predator,
It’s as though you are the
p h y s i c a l
manifestation of my
seething self hatred;
And I think
now that I’ve
Gotten it
Under Control
You Should Be Tooooo…

[:You should cooperate.
Why don’t you just play nice?
You seem to be the only part of me
that don’t know how. (ba-dump ba-dump!)

And maybe that’s why you devour me.
It’s cause I’m so sweet!
Well maybe I’ll never get that
Under Control,
But I will get you.
OooooooOoooooooOooOoo…. :]

Health Haikus

Writing a haiku:
Multiple sclerosis sucks.
It’s just the plain truth.

Holes in your brain that
Only a doctor can see…
“You look just fine, babe!”

Phantom feelings in
your limbs are so annoying,
and heat sensitive.

Some say diet works.
We never know what to eat.
I tried Paleo.

I wish I could just
cure the world of this demon
disease for all time.

Everything kills you a little bit.

You can’t control the time you have.
You can’t control the time it takes.
Death comes when Death decides,
Stealthier than smoke or snake.

So you better enjoy the day this time
Open up your hazy eyes
Wipe away the sad and lazy
Take a look at what you have.

Happiness lies in knowing well
What you don’t need in life.
And All You Need Is

Everything kills you a little bit.
Taking a breath, fresh air or cigarette.
Your morning cuppa coffee…
The beer when you come home…
The burger that was red meat…
The cell phone calls to home…

How are you spending your life?
Do you feel like you are living right?

Tell me, are you awake and living?
Are you tired or are you giving
The spark of life inside you
Chance to SHINE?

Existential Poetry Of the Now

So I’ve got to create
as much as I can
to be a value
to all of my fellow man.
No body else knows
what it’s like
inside my head.
Somewhere deep inside, I know,
To love another,
You must know their soul.
So to share mine,
I rhyme.
And someday,
I may sing.
Because I don’t know where I’m going
But I do know where I’ve been.
That means
right now’s more important
than anything.

Feeling Existential…

You are more than what you think.
You are more than what you say.
You are more than what you do, what you own, or control.
You are bigger than the legacy you leave behind;
Or the fantasy of who you think you are.
You are a part of something more.
And as a cog in that massive everything machine,
You are necessary
Even when you do nothing,
Even when you’re silent,
Even when you doubt and seethe in pain and cry and scream.
Because without you there is…

To the Daughter I May Never Have, and Anyone Else Who Gives a Damn.

My sweet child
Know that the day your life began
Was the day your real life started
You don’t need to wait for permission
to begin changing the world around you
You can’t help yourself from doing it anyway.

Make it beautiful. Make it Bloom.
Make the cars go honk and zoom.
And don’t let anyone convince you
that they have control.

None of us has the answers.
We are all missing something
and are looking for more.
It’s why we look to each other.

You are the most important person in your world.
No one in all of time and space
in any dimension at any place in history
will ever know the contents of
Your Mind And Heart
Unless You Share
By Creatively Expressing.

You are a Piece of The Puzzle of Forever
And so is everyone else.

The answer to the question of
“Why life?” is
“Why not?”

You cannot escape yourself;
No matter how hard you try.
You will always find yourself,
Right back in your skin again

And it is not a punishment.
And it is not a blessing.
If you do it right, it’s art.
And really, my darling,
You can’t do it wrong.