Where I Should Be Writing

Well, the last few weeks have been… interesting. My mom came in town last Wednesday (2/1) and stayed with us all the way until yesterday. We were together for an entire week and a half…and it took over a week before I completely lost my shit on her. On the one hand, I see that […]


I am ready for my self-driving car now. You can deliver it anytime you’d like to, Google or Tesla. I’m ready to be an early adopter. Well, that’s shitty. Last week, I had an endoscopy and colonoscopy on Thursday. Adam had to take off from work Wednesday and Thursday to help me. Turns out I have […]

My blog has its own Wu Wei! :-D

I will be honest with you, readers. When I got online yesterday, I had the thought, “I haven’t written in my blog in 2 weeks. I may as well pack it up. No one really reads me anyway, right?” But then I looked at my site stats and noticed something: there were hits every day, […]

So, an update on Me.

*with her best Dr. Nick impression* Hi Everybody! How ya doin? I’m doing pretty well over here. I figure, it’s been a while since I last updated you guys on my life, as opposed to posting a topic given by the Health Advocacy Writer’s Monthly Challenge or translating a chapter of the Tao, so I […]