Lullabye for Henry

I was about to go to bed tonight when I read an article that analyzed David Bowie’s last music video, “Lazarus.”  It emphasized the importance of expressing yourself as much as you can while you have time.  So, instead of going to bed with Adam, I stayed up and wrote the lullabye I’ve been meaning to write for about 9 months now.  There is music to it, but I don’t know how to put notation in WordPress, so for now, this will have to do.


Sweet baby mine,
lay down your head.
The day is done.
It’s time for bed.
I hope that your dreams
are pleasant and sweet.
Time to say good night.
Time to sleep.

Sweet baby mine,
you’re growing up strong.
I’ll hold you tight now
’cause I can’t for long
Soon you’ll be too big
Right now, you’re petite.
Time to grow, my baby.
Time to sleep.

Every day
I see you change,
and it’s something to behold.
I hope that you
will always know I love you
even when you are old.

Sweet baby, mine,
close your eyes.
I’ve tucked you in
for beddybye.
Tomorrow, we’ll do
more fun things.
But now it’s time for dreams.
Time to sleep.

Time to breathe.
Time to dream.
Time to sleep.

Goodnight, my baby.

I need to record this for him tomorrow.

Also, just for the record – there’s also a burping song that he hears at least 3 times a day.  I should record it for posterity too.

2 thoughts on “Lullabye for Henry

  1. Yes! You should record the burping song too. So glad your creative juices are flowing. I have a feeling that more songs are on their way 😉

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