Making Some Changes

Breaking The Habit

dollyThis morning marks the beginning of an important change in my life. Last night, I gave Adam my computer and asked him to change my Facebook password and not tell me what it is, so that I can break my habit of waking up, checking FB, and several hours later realizing that I haven’t eaten anything, drunk any water, or done anything productive around the house at all.

I’m not going to say I’m addicted to social media, but I’m totally addicted to sitting on my ass and reading articles that my friends share, and that’s pretty much the same thing.

Thankfully, for whatever reason, none of the other social media outlets puts such a choke-hold on my attention. I can check Twitter for 10 minutes and then not care about it for days… and G+, well, I made the mistake of adding back almost everyone who ever added me to a circle, so it is just an annoying spamfest.

There’s only one hiccup, and that has to do with sharing my blog on FB. I don’t have the password in order to refresh the connection between WordPress and FB, so I’m only publishing to Twitter and WordPress at the moment. Kind of a bummer. Hopefully, when Adam gets home tonight, I can get him to put in the pw and have that fixed up for tomorrow.

I’m experiencing similar frustration with Spotify. Can’t log in with FB. At least I can still log in at all, I just don’t have access to any of my playlists. I guess this is just an important lesson.

Maintaining Good Habits

goodhabitsOne thing that I do every day on Facebook is chronicle 3 Great Things About Yesterday. This daily exercise has been instrumental in helping me maintain good mental health, so I don’t want to quit doing it just because I’m not on a particular website.

3 Great Things About Yesterday

  1. Watched the finale of this season of Masterchef Australia (my favorite reality cooking competition in the world), and the contestant Adam and I liked best actually won!
  2. Adam cooked steak w/ mushrooms and mashed potatoes for dinner, and it was ridiculously delicious.
  3. Was able to convince our building manager to finally find and fix the smoke alarm in a neighboring apartment that had been beeping every minute for the last month. It was driving me insane, and now it’s not! 🙂

What made your Tuesday terrific?

It’s Margarita Time!

attitudemargaritaYou remember how in my last entry, I wrote that I was dealing with quantum pregnancy (having to act like I’m pregnant when I may or may not be)? Well, just like the answer to Schrödinger’s question, the truth can always be found in the box. 😉 (Yup, I think I’m funny!)

Don’t worry, I’m not feeling mopey about not actually being pregnant yet. We haven’t even been trying hard. We’re just enjoying marriage without birth control and are letting the chips fall where they may. I have friends who have actively tried for years, so I’m not expecting to be insta-knocked-up. Things will happen when they happen.

I am, however, quite excited to have a few days of guilt-free booze and forbidden foods… and 5 Hr Energy (because I am so fatigued it’s crazy) and Aleve (because cramps suck). This is particularly good because it means that I can drink a 5 Hr Energy during the time we’re going to be recording a commercial for them in the hopes of winning big money.

Being More Realistic

In my last post, I wrote a couple of things that I’m now going to take back. I needed time to think, and writing in this blog always helps me process things.

First, and foremost, we’re definitely going to keep fostering kittens. I called my OB’s office, and they assured me that as long as Adam’s the one doing the poop-scooping, and I wash my hands after handling the kittens, I’ve got nothing to worry about. That makes me very happy! I enjoy raising kittens, and I know that there’s no good time table for us to know when we’ll finally be pregnant anyway. I really don’t like the idea of putting that part of my life on hold unnecessarily.

kawaiisushiAnd then there’s sushi. Delicious, delicious sushi. I totally forgot that there are several types of sushi that I love that are fully cooked (and therefore entirely acceptable to eat during pregnancy). BBQ Eel! Shrimp tempura! California roll! Spicy shrimp! Soft-shell crab! Veggie! Teriyaki chicken!

There are actually more types of sushi rolls that I enjoy that are cooked than ones that are not. So, I’ve decided to quit trying to convince myself that I need to abstain from sushi entirely, and instead enjoy what I already know is both good and safe.

I think the biggest thing that I realized after yesterday’s post is that I’ve been catastrophizing. As soon as I realized that my thinking was completely irrational, it was a lot easier to calm myself down and be more realistic. Keeping a level head makes life much easier and more pleasant.

On that note, I’m going to actually get off the computer and do some things around the house. You know, like I had planned. 🙂

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