Me & My Big Mouth

Sometimes, I should just keep quiet.

Yesterday, I posted about how I planned to work out every day, regardless of fatigue. I was proud of the work I’d done on Tuesday, and thought I could maintain a tough attitude and get the job done no matter what. Honestly, it sounded like a great idea!  That is, until I got to the gym, was stretching before we started, and had a cluster of 3 or 4 seizures in a row. Adam told me in no uncertain terms that we were going home, and to stop trying to force myself to exercise. He didn’t want me to hurt myself.

Last night’s shaky fun-fest lasted most of the evening. I had so many seizures that I honestly lost count. It’s been a while since I was laid out like that. I vaguely remember being confused about where I was when we were on the car ride home, and I definitely remember being incredibly itchy, especially around my wrists, my neck, the middle of my back, and my toes. Adam suggested that the itching might be an aura, because it was most intense just before having another seizure.

Cannabis to the Rescue!

Adam thought that the itching was probably neuropathic, and not caused by allergies or anything else, because it came on all of the sudden and scratching didn’t make it stop. He suggested that I smoke a little to see if it helps. Not only did it make the seizures stop, but it also made the itching stop.

On January 1st, the medical marijuana pilot program in IL was slated to start. I haven’t read anything about it since then. No idea if people are actually running dispensaries yet or what, but I’m definitely going to ask my doctors to write me a recommendation. Fortunately, I don’t have to wait long. I have appointments coming up with both of my neurologists. I see my epileptologist on Tuesday of this coming week, and then I see my MS specialist on Tuesday of the following week. I’m hopeful that one of them will write it. I refuse to get back on any seizure meds because we’re planning to get pregnant and the seizure meds never helped me anyway. The only thing I can think that might be helpful would be a medrol dose pack, and only if this continues, because it would mean that I’m dealing with a relapse.

Under Pressure…

I’m also scheduled to see my cardiologist on Thursday of this coming week. That means I need to find or fudge my blood pressure journal. I have no idea where I put that piece of paper… but I do remember some of the numbers. So far, limiting sodium and taking the amlodipine and hydrochlorathiazide seems to be making a positive difference. My morning blood pressure has dropped from 165/105 to 141/91. It’s still not awesome, but it’s headed in the right direction.

Yoga tonight!

Tonight, Adam and I have plans to attend the 7:30 p.m. yoga class at our gym. They didn’t have night time yoga during the fall session, so I’m very glad to see they have it back at least 1 night a week. I love yoga. It’s simultaneously relaxing and challenging, and it makes me feel strong. There are also tons of sources out there that suggest that yoga is particularly helpful for folks with MS.

So, I missed 1 day of working out, thanks to seizures. It’s not the worst thing in the world, provided that I get back to it. If the seizures taught me anything last night, it’s to not write checks my ass can’t cash. I just have to keep doing my best.

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