Things Are Happening!

It’s nearly the end of April, which means that it’s been 4 months, virtually seizure free. I’ve been applying for jobs, well, like it’s my job.

Today, I had a good telephone interview for a position as an administrative/marketing assistant. They want me to write a blog post for them, with the topic left up to me. They just want me to write about something that interests me.  I wonder if they realize that asking a creative person to do “whatever they want” can pretty much stymie their ability to create anything because they think about too many things.

I had a good friend offer me $100 to write about farm animal porn. I love my friends. I love farms. I do not, however, love animal porn.

Regardless of all that, I find it incredibly amusing that I have no problem writing this blog post, but when thinking about writing this “fake” blog post, I find myself filled with the same disdain that I used to have for writing 5 paragraph essays in 8th grade.  It’s like I care too much about the formatting and am worried about how the content will portray me.

I am actually concerned that if I write about kitten fostering (which is one of my interests on my resume) that I’ll seem like a crazy cat lady, and if I write about music or cooking that I’ll seem like I’m not being serious. Believe it or not, I actually started this entry in the hopes that it would turn into the entry that I needed to write.  Either way, I’m fairly certain that my first sentence should not read as it currently does. “I love kittens.” is not the start to a decent professional essay.  It does, however, start a decent essay about farm animal porn… *lol*



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