A Wizard Did It.

I love 3 day weekends. I’m always stoked to have an extra day to hang out with my husband. You may be wondering about the title of this post… well, it all ties together because in every situation that ties to this weekend, somehow or other… a wizard did it. It’s the only rational explanation.

Two earths?!

We finished watching the entire series of Battlestar Galactica on Friday night, and holy crap, am I glad that I never ever have to watch another episode of that depressing, histrionic crapfest that constantly begs the question, “Who’s the real monster?”. But we made it through! Every minute of every frakking episode! So I have the legitimate geek cred to say, in awesomely funny situations, “This has all happened before, and this will all happen again.”  That alone makes it worth it. 🙂  (What? There’s no merit badge for my sash? Oh well…)

A Pub Crawl. Really??

Then on Saturday night, we headed down to the Gallery Cabaret to see my long-time friend Andy perform stand-up comedy, like he does every Saturday night. And we magically landed on the one night of the year that happens to coincide with a pub crawl. The place was jam-packed. It was insane – but the comedy was good, so it was totally worth it.

A THIRD audition?!

I got an email on Saturday — the band I’ve auditioned with twice still hasn’t made their mind up about me. Part of me thinks that’s a bad thing, but of all the “wants” they could have of me, what they’re asking for is “more emotion.” This boggles my mind. I’ve never, in my natural life, been asked by anyone to emote more. If anything, I’ve been asked to tone it down. The words “drama queen” and “ham” have been thrown around since I was a wee babe. They want more? Come the 27th (the next time we meet), I’ll give em as much as I can handle.

The Invention of the Sewing Machine: clearly.

After owning it for 2 years, and looking at it longingly in the box, we’ve decided to finally learn how to use our sewing machine, so we’ve been watching a lot of video classes on Craftsy.com. Tonight, we’re jumping into the pool with both feet and are making throw pillows for the couch. We’ve cut the fabric. We’ve wound our first bobbin. Adam’s threaded the machine.  It only took an hour and a half for our first try at a stitch. Hey, you. Stop laughing. That machine is kinda scary… and besides… we’re pretty sure it’s magic.

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