Good Things All Around!

The Assistance Fund Came Through For Me! 🙂

I’m so super happy!  I got a call this morning, and the Assistance Fund got more money as of this morning. So, I’m going to be able to order myself some Copaxone this afternoon and will be back on medication very soon!  This is a huge weight off my (and my family’s) shoulders, and I have to say, I have never been so excited about being able to give myself nightly injections. 🙂

I had a very happy Valentine’s Day!

Yesterday was a lot of fun. Adam and I tried a new-to-us restaurant that’s near where we live, called Ruk Sushi and Thai.  Neither of us was particularly pleased with our meal, but I’m always happy when we try a new place. I got sushi, which I tend to save for special occasions, since it’s so pricey — and their maki rolls were surprisingly tiny! I ordered 2 different types of rolls, thinking that would be plenty, but I was still really hungry afterward. Adam’s red chicken curry was almost nothing but bamboo shoots… to the point that he started picking them out because he couldn’t handle eating them anymore… so that left us in a situation that demanded that we continue to eat. We made the best of it by having ice cream! And that’s a treat that is rare for this household. 🙂 Chocolate chip cookie dough, oh, how I love thee… ❤

Adam also got me some beautiful flowers: stargazer lillies and some purple mums. It’s funny to me to see them being their gorgeous selves inside a Folgers coffee can.  One of these days, I’ll go to Goodwill, spend a whole dollar, and get a proper vase. 🙂

Tonight, we get back to the gym!

Yes, I am actually excited about this. For several months, Adam and I were going to the gym at least 3 times a week, regularly, but for the last 2-3 weeks, we haven’t gone, because we’ve been alternating on who’s sick.  And you can’t go to the gym when you’re coughing up a lung. Well, you can. It’s just really not polite to spread your germs that way.  Adam and I have both been missing the stress-relief and mood lift that comes with working out, not to mention, our bodies need it.

It’s sunny outside AND it’s a 3-day weekend, people!

As if things needed to be better, the weather is fantastic today, and it’s a Friday before a 3-day weekend.  I mean, you really can’t ask for better than that.  You just can’t.

This weekend, Adam and I are gonna work on that sewing project that we started about 3 weeks ago (and by “that sewing project,” I mean learning how to use the sewing machine and then making pillows using it) — and we have a 60% off fabric coupon from JoAnn Fabrics because it’s President’s Day weekend.

Add to that the fact that yesterday, I totally cleaned the house from top to bottom, so there’s not much for me to do today, and you’ve got a recipe for a completely happy Rae.

Life is good today, folks. Life is damn good.

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