Ask, And The Universe Answers – Sometimes Very Quickly.

It was only days ago that I dared to dream of a future where I returned to music and got to sing with a band.

Yesterday, I went on Chicago’s Craigslist and answered several ads for bands looking for singers, and included some mp3s of my singing, and as of last night, I have an audition this weekend with an established rock band who is looking to replace their vocalist.

The fact that all of the sudden, I have songs to prepare and a good reason to practice, kind of blows my mind.  It feels like life itself is saying, “Alright!  You finally got with the program! Here’s where you’re supposed to be headed. This is who you always have been. This is who you’re supposed to be!”

Now, I know that I might not end up being in this band. I’m not putting the cart before the horse here… but I would be ignoring that wheels very quickly got in motion once I owned up to who I wanted to be.

Not Getting In My Own Way This Time

One thing I’m very proud of here, is that I haven’t blocked my own path on this one yet.  I haven’t told the band about my MS or seizure disorder, and I’m not going to say anything to them unless it comes up because my body does something untoward.  I have been using my disability as a reason not to do things, and I’m trying to break myself of that bad habit.  So I have conditions… it doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t have a life.

The one thing that I am afraid of in regards to this audition is something that I cannot change by this weekend: my weight. I work out regularly. (At least 3 times a week!) I eat healthfully (when I remember to eat), but I am overweight.  And worrying about how people look at me is not going to help my confidence level in this audition.  I seriously am going to have to think about what to wear.

Great, But What Are You Going To Sing?

Here are the songs that I chose:

Garbage – Only Happy When It Rains

Fiona Apple – Fast As You Can
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps
Hole – Celebrity Skin
Florence + The Machine – Dog Days Are Over
And now, rather than continuing to blog, or think about it, I really ought to get to practicing.

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