Daring to Dream

One of the hardest things about getting through life, recently, for me has been that I have felt like there is nothing to look forward to — that life is an endless string of Facebook, chores, and watching TV, which has left me feeling ultimately unfulfilled.

I think the worst part of my depression has been that I haven’t even been allowing myself to hope for anything in the future.  That’s no way to live.

So today, I sat down with Adam and I asked him, “Do you have any dreams for the future?” to which he quickly and easily said, “Yes!”

I asked him if I could write down his dreams and mine on a piece of paper so that I could look at them, and he said he thought that was a good idea, because in my darker times, I can ask myself if my thoughts and actions are bringing me any closer to my dreams.

The great thing about dreams is that they don’t have to be practical. Dreams are just about expressing your heart’s true desire. And you can’t judge your heart’s true desire – the heart wants what it wants.

So this morning, I dared to dream — as wildly as I could feel. And suddenly, I had goals – real, achievable goals.

And they may take a while to accomplish, but at least I have something to look towards.

My current dreams:

  • To be a part of a rock band
  • To be physically fit
  • To like myself
  • To have a job

And of course, there are the dreams of homeownership and motherhood… but those are gonna take a little longer, I think.

At least right now, I have some direction.

One thought on “Daring to Dream

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