New Self Care Chart!

All hail the new self care chart!

It’s been updated with some pretty important things, like “take your medicine” and “eat.” — things that were noticeably missing and needed to be there…  There’s even a line for “Call your mother!” but it says “Talk to a friend or relative.”

Today, I took a step towards getting back into the kitchen.  I got off the couch and moved back up to being Adam’s sous chef in his cooking adventures and peeled some potatoes.  Yeah, it’s grunt work, but it felt really good to not just be sitting there while he was working on making our dinner, and it helped me feel more empowered.

Tomorrow night, I’m hoping to be the one to do the cooking.  I still don’t know what I’m going to make, but I know that I want to make something. Several of my relatives have reminded me that I love cooking, and I mostly remember that.  And tonight, I didn’t hate peeling the potatoes. So tomorrow, I plan to hit and check out my old recipe box to see what I used to rate highly, and see what I can cook up to give Adam a night off from the kitchen.

In other news, I’m excited about learning how to use my sewing machine.  My friend Rebecca introduced me to a website called and there was this wonderful tutorial called Sewing 911 that showed me the different parts of my sewing machine and the very basics of how to use it. Maybe sometime soon I’ll be able to make something cool.  Or a throw pillow or two for the couch. You know, baby steps.

At the very least, I am trying my best to find things to do other than just watch stuff on TV or sit on Facebook, though I am enjoying the series Lost Girl, which I have to believe evolved from someone’s Changeling game.

I hope everyone’s had a good weekend and that the week treats you well.



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