FML, I’m floundering.

WTF am I supposed to do with my life?

I worked my ass off in law school and then a stupid seizure disorder stopped me from passing the bar exam 3 times in a row. One time I didn’t even get to go to the test because I was hospitalized. Now I’m in a totally different state with completely different rules – and if I learn the laws here, I’m not even sure with MS that I’d be a reasonable fiduciary.

Do I say “fuck it” to the years I spent going to law school and try to go back to being an administrative assistant? Being a housewife is *not* working for me. I feel like I am trapped in a cage that I never get out of because I can’t drive anywhere. Home should not feel like a prison.

I feel like no matter how hard I try at things, I never get anywhere with my life, and that I left the best job I ever had and a city full of friends to try to do more and be more and it feels like it was the biggest mistake I ever made. But if I hadn’t gone to law school, I wouldn’t have met and fallen in love with Adam … and that would be a terrible shame.

So I guess that I’m just supremely frustrated after nearly 5 years of being completely disabled. Any words of wisdom other than “quit whining” are greatly appreciated.

2 thoughts on “FML, I’m floundering.

  1. strongly suggest that you seek professional counseling for additional support I am sure there are professional resources in your area hang in there and get the help you need remember there are lots of folks that can help

    • I’ve contacted a vocational counselor at the department of human services and left a message… I’m still waiting for them to call me back. I’m also in therapy. Hopefully something good will come of it.

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