Chapter 67: 3 Treasures

The world speaks of my Tao as great, but it seems unworthy.
Man alone is great but seems unworthy.
It seems similar, but time makes man precious!

I have 3 treasures to hold and defend.
The first is compassion.
The second is frugality.
The third is humility from worldly fame.

Compassion allows me to be brave.
Frugality allows me to spread my wealth.
Humility allows me to advance consistently.

Today, they give up compassion and bravery.
They abandon frugality but still spend.
They abandon Queenly behavior but still expect to advance!
They will surely die!

The compassionate man will be victorious even in battle,
because he will overcome hardness with its strength.
Heaven shall rescue him, because compassion guards him.

One thought on “Chapter 67: 3 Treasures

  1. This was precisely the answers I’d been searching for. Amazing blog. Incredibly inspirational! Your posts are so helpful and detailed. The links you feature are also very useful too. Thanks a lot 🙂

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