Chapter 64: To Guard The Very Smallest

That which is at peace is simple to maintain.
It does not seek to change.

That which is brittle is easily melted.
That which is miniature is easily scattered.
Because it does not yet exist,
Control it in orderly enlightenment.

Join and surround it in wood.
To grow in a hair and end there;
9 layers it broadcasts.

To raise and accumulate the dust of
1000 neighborhoods, it is capable,
begin to be sufficient below.

Because of its worshipers,
Those who grasp at it, miss it.
To be with the saints, lack action.

Reason (Tao) lacks defeat,
lacks everyone’s grasp,
because it lacks a model or master.

The people, the Tao undertakes,
constantly at the small table,
to become accomplished and to be defeated.

It cautiously brings their endings
as it brings forth new beginnings.
To follow (the Tao) is to lack all loss in all things.

To be according to the saints,
desire not to desire
that which is precious, hard to come by, or a rare commodity.

Study, rather than being ignorant and incompetent,
and recover everyone’s place in life.

In order to assist the 10,000 things naturally,
without needing to do something, dare to become (who you are – a part of the Tao).

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