Chapter 62: To Walk The Way

A “Taoist” of the 10,000 things is obscure.
A good man is a treasure not to be taken for granted,
instead he should be guarded.

Beautiful words may market his honor,
Beautiful behavior may add people to his fold.

Why do there have to be bad men?

Because to stand as first under heaven,
Even if there are three honorable men,
having hands folded in salute,
holding a piece of jade with a hole in the center,
first arriving with a team of 4 horses,
this is not as good as sitting to enter into The Way.

Ancient, as a result, precious, this Taoist — why?

Not speaking or seeking obtains The Way,
Guilty, in order to avoid The Way?
Reason: You are like all the land under heaven: precious.

By being of this world, you follow the Tao implicitly.

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