A week and a day!

Sorry it’s been so long since my last update. I’ve been so busy! First, Tuesday of last week, I had my first experience volunteering outside of the house.

I went to the Uptown location of Treehouse Humane Society to try my hand at being a cat caregiver. I found out, however, that I am a better kitten foster-mother than I am a cat caregiver. I just don’t have the endurance for 4+ hours of laundry and cat socializing. Not only did I miss the bus there and have to take a cab, but my symptoms were flaring while I was there, and I had to leave a little early because I couldn’t handle the heat of the laundry area.

At first, I was really disappointed in myself for having to quit after my first round of volunteering with them, but at least I gave it a shot, which is more than nothing – and I’m still signed up to foster kittens, which is something I know I’m good at and that I enjoy. Treehouse does great work with cats, and I have a lot of respect for the volunteer caregivers who stick with it.

Later on in the week, I chose to use my time for another volunteer opportunity: working with the ovarian cancer foundation in Memphis by making some graphic badges for those folks who are participating in their walk for teal in September. It’s looking very likely that I might do some web design work for these folks too, which I’m looking forward to. It feels good to be making a positive difference in the world by doing some work that doesn’t involve cleaning.

And now, well, now I’m in Birmingham, AL with my parents while my hubby is out-of-town doing work for the rail! So life has been really whirlwind.

Tonight, Daddy and I are gonna make supper for Mom so that after a long day of work she doesn’t have to fix supper as well. I’m thinking of teaching him how to make our chili and sweet potatoes recipe, since it’s so easy and delicious.

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