Something Familiar.

I sit at the computer desk of at my in-law’s place, and realize – this really isn’t the time or the place to make a blog entry. And yet, I must.

You see, we’ve started a tradition of seeing them and having dinner with them at least once a week. We make dinner together. Tonight, it’s our chili and sweet potatoes.

It makes me think of one of the really good parts of my childhood: Sunday afternoons.

Sunday afternoons, no matter what, we saw our grandparents. Daniel and I were very lucky in that: having both sets of grandparents living within 20 minutes of us as we grew up. I don’t know that either of us could have realized it as children. But Mom and Dad made sure that we got to know the folks we came from. And they made sure that we had a routine so that it felt natural to be around them, even when we didn’t see them every day. It’s a big part of how we learned what “I love you” meant.

It makes this current tradition feel very special to me, in that I’ve begun to build that same familiarity with my new …well, family. I only wish Adam had the same chance to do that with my folks. All things in time, I guess.

All I can think right now is, I moved up a rank… It’s my turn to sit in the “Mommy” role… and that kind of blows my mind. Because “Sundays in Worth” has already started. It won’t be stopping any time soon.

2 thoughts on “Something Familiar.

  1. Good for you, Rae. I love you and I am so glad you started a new tradition. I know it feels good and right and that is the best feeling….contentment. We miss you. Hope someday to be close to you and your brother.

    With Love and Pride,


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