The Facebook/Seizure Trap

Oh Facebook, how I love you and how I loathe you… I have begun the (bad) habit of waking up and checking FB first thing in the morning. Next thing I know, it’s noon and not only have I not gotten anything done, but I haven’t taken my pills or eaten breakfast. This, boys and girls, is a problem.

Now, it’s not a problem that I have so many friends who keep me entertained and mentally active. No, that right there is a benefit! But the fact that I can get so distracted that the real world sort of “ceases to be” most certainly is a problem.

To combat the FB addiction, and to do more good in this life, I have chosen to volunteer hours at the Treehouse Humane Society. That will require me to get on a bus. All by myself. Like a real grownup. That means I’ll actually leave the apartment and get off of FB for hours at a time. So what if it’s an hour-long bus ride to the shelter? More time for audiobooks.

That, and there’s the bigger thing… I’m not letting my seizures scare me into staying home alone, sitting on the couch anymore.

Do I still have seizures? Yeah. Do I still have them daily? No. Almost every day? Sure – but they’re almost always at night, when I’m sleepy. And they’re almost always simple partial and not complex partial. And the ones that are complex have auras with them. I feel them coming on for almost 15 minutes, sometimes longer.

Bottom line: I’m tired of sitting on the couch all day, every day, and I’m finally doing something about it.

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