Just another Friday

‘Sup, party people?!

Not much is happening here in the World O’ Rae. I’ve had a pretty good morning. The only thing going on with me is a little leg pain, and it’s really not enough to complain about – just enough to be a good reason to smoke if it gets much worse.

This morning’s been rather productive. I’ve already done dishes, cleaned the kitchen, made the car payment and changed our address with the car company. (Woo! I made it past the computers to a real live person!)

I’m looking forward to the weekend.

Tomorrow, I get to see my friend Elin, who I haven’t seen in over 10 years! We’re going to the gem show here in town, and then to lunch. It’ll be awesome to see her.

And then this Sunday, assuming we’re both well enough, Adam and I are going to go hiking. I used to hike almost every Sunday with Hike the Geek before my MS introduced seizures to the mix. I’ll be glad to take back that part of my life. If I can hike consistently for a month, I’m going to ask Reichart if I can add Chicago to the Hike the Geek page and be the Chicago leader.

Little by little, I’m starting to have a life again.

It’s kinda great. 🙂

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