Reporting In for Duty!

Yikes! I missed a couple of days! Didn’t mean to do that. Life’s been a bit hectic. Lemme catch you up. First Tuesday.

Fun and Frolic with the Tube that Honks

Bright and early Tuesday morning, I had an appointment with the Box that Knocks, The Tube that Honks, everybody’s favorite claustrophobia inducing device: The MRI machine. It was an 8 am appointment, so Adam and I left the house at 6:45 a.m. to fight traffic and make our way over to the University of Chicago.

Surprisingly enough, traffic wasn’t bad, so we made it a full 30 minutes early and were able to treat ourselves to breakfast at the hospital’s food court. Corned beef hash and scrambled eggs reminded me: don’t end up in the hospital. 🙂 Just kidding. It was good hospital food, but it was still hospital food.

Intake was easy and my appointment started on time, but once I was in the machine for 5 minutes or so, they pulled me out and asked me if I was certain I didn’t have a metal plate in my head.

“Um, last time I checked, I didn’t. You may want to ask Adam, he’s good at remembering things I don’t,” I jested. They actually asked if I was being serious.

The machine needed a reboot, they said, so I waited while they did that, and we tried it again. *HONK HONK HONK HONK Beeeeeeeeeep WHOOOOOONK* No good. Now the back computer needed a reboot. And again, no good!

Ah well, machines break. They said they’d call me later in the day or on another day when the machine was fixed to come back, and that’s just what happened.

I got a call around 2 in the afternoon, and we made up for me to come in after Adam got off of work. When we came back at 6 p.m., the scan went off without a hitch. I’m actually looking forward to seeing the new pictures of my brainmeats!

Clean, Clean… *shake, shake* Clean, clean, clean, clean, clean! *boogies down*

Yesterday, I transformed into The White Tornado of AwesomenessTM and made my kitchen behave.

See, we have this tiny galley kitchen that opens up into our living room, so you can see the entire mess, and if you, like, make a bowl of cereal in it, it looks like something exploded in there… so you can imagine what the room looked like after we had cooked 2 or 3 actual delicious meals in that room.

I spent my Wednesday taming that beast. And doing laundry.

There’s really something about waking up, seeing a horrible mess, and being able to take it down by the time that Adam comes home from work that is empowering to me. I mean, I dislike cleaning as much as the next person, but it does give you a feeling of control over your immediate surroundings.

One thing that I dislike immensely about having MS and seizure disorder is the lack of control that I often feel that I have over my own body. It often dictates what I can and cannot do — so when I can get an entire kitchen clean (including all the dishes and everything in it), and I can do all the laundry in the house on a particular day, I feel accomplished. I feel like I have really done my part in my marriage and that all the responsibility doesn’t fall to my husband. Also, when I can consistently keep the place nice, I feel more like I am prepared or at least on my way to being prepared to become a mother.

Rockin out on my Thursday

As for what I’m up to on this beautiful Thursday, I aim to tidy and keep things nice around the house, to fold the laundry that I did yesterday, write a guest blog for a friend of mine, practice some guitar, and take Brisco for a walk. I’m also going to either go out and get some “Get Well Soon” cards or make some myself because I have a couple of very loved family members who are in the hospital — my grandfather and my uncle — one in TN and one in FL.

I think this “homemaker” gig is starting to get to me, because I want to make them both caramel ribbon brownies to send in the mail, even though I know that’s not wise. “Oh, you’re not feeling well? Here’s a box of unhealthy yumminess.” If life were “fair,” sugar would be a miracle cure for any illness.

Ah well, into every life a little rain must fall. Hope it’s not falling on you today!

Don’t forget, if you need a pick-me-up, that there’s nothing better than a Gratitude Rampage! I’ll be posting mine on Facebook later today, like always. ❤

Make it a great day, readers! I know you can!

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