The Kittens Are Coming!

Good morning, my lovelies.

It’s not yet morning med time, and I’m already working on the paperwork to become a foster parent for Chicago Cat Rescue. I had a great talk with Cindy, their foster volunteer coordinator, yesterday, and it may be as early as Monday that this apartment has a kitten infestation! 🙂 (As in, they offered us 5 kittens and we can only take 3.)

Tomorrow, Adam and I are going to the Petco on Halsted & Barry sometime between noon and four to meet her and some of the other volunteers during one of their adoption fair events. (And to pick up some litter and other supplies we’ll need for the babies.)

It will probably be closer to noon that we hit the adoption fair, because there is MUCH awesomeness afoot tomorrow!

I am smiling ZOMGSOGREATBIG on the inside because I get to see my MANDA tomorrow! Oh, sweet Manda K., you make any bad stuff going on just go away. ❤

I’m not sure what time we’re all heading out to Indiana beach, but if the weather (and my health) holds out, we’re supposed to go to the beach with Manda and Jess, and then at some point head to Orland Park for dinner.

As I’m reading this, I am dumbstruck by the fact that I actually have real plans for a social life tomorrow. I, like, have things to do and people to see! It’s amazing.

The other thing that’s kind of amazing/funny to me is that a good friend from Denver, CO might be the first person to see our apartment in its furnished state, as opposed to family/friends who live in town. There’s something amusing about that to me. I’m not sure if it’s a -5 to Gryffandor for lack of a Housewarming party, or if it’s just a sign of really good timing on her part. Either way, I’m happy to have someone over.

For anyone who’s curious about food:
Last night’s healthier lasagna experiment went awesomely well. For anyone who wants to recapture the beauty that Adam and I created: We used 93/7 ground turkey instead of ground beef and seasoned the meat with onion powder, garlic powder, basil, thyme, & oregano; used Culinary Circle Three Forest Mushroom Blend Pasta Sauce (2 bottles) instead of marinara; used 6 cheese Italian blend instead of mozzarella, and went low-fat with the ricotta. It was super-delicious!!!

Today looks pretty relaxing and straight-forward for me. The never-ending cycle of laundry continues, as do the dishes. (Why should today be different?) I just want the house to sparkle when folks see it, so I’m a cleaning monster right now. There’s nothing terribly taxing to me about telling Pandora to play me music in the vein of Rick James and to keep the good funk coming while I make my home something to be proud of. 🙂

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