Hey there party people. How’s it going?

Life over on this end of the screen is anything but exciting. I made a nasty dent in that pile o’ laundry yesterday, so I have a good feeling about decimating the beast today.

Sims 3 Showtime keeps on crashing, which is making me a sad panda. I need a game I can play that doesn’t fail on me every few minutes.

If there’s one thing about being alone during the day that I have learned, it’s that I need distractions. And that’s a need – not a want. Playing with my sims always made me happy. But now the game keeps crashing all the time. It’s really irritating.

I suppose it’s for the best if it makes me concentrate on music more. I’ve been shoving it to the back burner since we moved. Truth be told, after thinking about the state of the music industry, I’m really wondering why I’m pushing myself to get back to it. Is it because it’s part of who I am that hasn’t been fully realized? Is it because I have expectations of myself? Or is it because I believe others have expectations of me? Eh. I think I’m being lazy now and am looking for a way out of the “put up or shut up” ultimatum I gave myself.

And really, that’s only because today, I am down. Annoyingly down, to be honest, and I know most of it is chemical. (Day 2 of 60 mg of Cymbalta!) The other part has to do with the fact that I’m taking a month-long Facebook break, and it’s day 1 of it. I’m already painfully aware of how much time I spend on it and I’m feeling lonely. Breaking an attention addiction is no fun.

To put it in a way that my friend Genie would definitely understand, I am deeply in need of kittens. I know I will spend a fair amount of time on Cute Overload today.

I’m also going to call a few animal rescue organizations and find out about getting back into kitten fostering because, well, I *love* fostering kittens, and there’s no reason at all that I shouldn’t be doing just that very thing right now.

As for food – I’m having a pretty good time re-amassing healthy low-calorie/low-fat/low glycemic index recipes from family and friends.

Here are two really great healthy recipe websites that were suggested to me by Sara Rose Liebert and Sarah Decker yesterday.

Nourished Kitchen &
Diabetic Living Online

I’ll post others as I find them and as others suggest them. 🙂

Hope you’re having a great day. And if you’re not — I hope you do whatever it takes to make it a great day. You have the power. ❤

3 thoughts on “Today.

  1. Love you Rae! Breathe…you are doing great. Perhaps getting plants like tomatoes and herbs might inspire you for new dishes and add to you getting excited about their growth and something fun to do. Just an ideas. Xo

    • Ah, JB, you have not heard of my legendary black thumb! I can accidentally kill any plant. 🙂 I’m muuuuuch better with animals. 🙂 Thanks for the idea though! Adam and I had been talking about maybe having an herb garden at some point. ❤

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