Chapter 58: Favorable Transformation

Whoever’s government is smothering, stuffy and melancholy —
(like a parent giving a child room to grow)
their citizens will be the most honest, genuine, and pure.

Whoever’s government examines, inquires, and observes their people —
(like a helicopter parent)
their citizens will be most needy.

Disaster! Good fortune actually relies upon it!
Good fortune! Disaster is quietly concealed in it.
Who knows its extreme polarity?

They lack principles also.
To recover principles, act weird and wonderful.
Be good again because of the Devil.

People are lost and confused,
yet their time is solid and enduring.

To be like a saint,
Be a “square” without cutting people off.
Be incorruptible without needing to injure others.
Be upright without needing to be fraud-proof.
Be bright without needing to be glorious.

3 thoughts on “Chapter 58: Favorable Transformation

  1. I know CrossFit is proud to go against the grain (no pun iteendnd though it certainly fits) I tend to agree with health experts who have studied nutrition for years. Yes, I do disagree with them sometimes. However, there are a few valid points to consider. (BTW a vast majority of people who tried Paleo thought it helped them +1)Can you stick with a dietary plan ? If not, is it reasonable ? If you / me / them can’t eat bread, milk, cereal, grains, etc can we really expect to commit to it long term ? It’s not called a paleo challenge for nothingDoes it include all food groups ? I know the argument against grains some of it has to do with gluten (maybe a lot of it) regardless you can’t tell me oatmeal is bad for me. It’s been shown to be good for the heart and it’s filling and provides a good source of carbohydrates for fuel (yes you do need carbs for fuel). Sorry not buying the fact I can’t have my oatmeal.No beans ? Peanuts ? Come on this is getting to the point of being too restrictive. Beans have good sources of protein and fiber. I don’t really thing Paleo people had heards of bacon, chicken, beef running wild across the plains in big herds. I doubt they had fields of broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, etc as far as the eye could see. They hunted deer and bison, rabbits, etc and probably ate a lot of nuts and berries. So if you’re going to do Paleo, then go all the way and hunt for your food. I do agree that corn has no place in our diets, nor does processed, fried, or fast food.Is the ranking for Paleo too low yeah, probably due to lack of research.

    • I miss oatmeal so much some days! And garbanzo beans! (I love hummus!)

      You make good points – but being super restrictive has made a difference in how I feel overall; so I listen to my body.

      The Paleo Diet is incredibly restrictive. Just do what works for you and your body. It’ll tell you what you need. (For example, I am not lactose intolerant, so whole greek yogurt works for me, whereas some people can’t include it in their individualized Paleo 2.0.) I eat a lot of nuts and berries on this diet. Lots of bananas and avocados too.

      I laughed at going all the way, though. I can’t hunt my food; I have MS and a seizure disorder. I live in Chicago. It’s not reasonable. So I hunt for paleo recipes online. I hunt for unprocessed foods at the grocery store. I try to bring what I can to the conversation online and be as healthy as I can because I’d rather feel less pain than more. 🙂

      Thanks for the comment! And good for you for choosing to do CrossFit!

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