Howdy party people.

I know it’s been, like, a week since I last updated. Adam and I have moved from Romeoville to Chicago proper, and into our own apartment. No more living with family! It’s self-sufficiency, all the way!

So, let me tell you what the first big adjustment has been: lack of a couch. Fret not! Ours will be delivered on Friday, so really, we have 1 more day of waiting. And it’s not like we’ve been sitting on the floor. The camping chairs that I got as a prize for fundraising for walkMS 2008 have kept our fannies comfortable. I’m sure you were worried! I know I was. 😉 Comfort first! 😀

We’ve almost built all of the IKEA furniture we bought this past weekend too — we’re only down one dresser, and it’s the big one. I’m thinking about tackling it while Adam’s at work today. What? I’m handy when my fingers aren’t fuzzy!

So far, living in this apartment has been great. I’ve walked to Jewel-Osco twice to go grocery shopping on my own, Walgreens once. Walgreens is actually on the first floor of our building, so it’s crazy easy to get to, and it has damn near everything you could want for living. Jewel is slightly more of a trek, but when I say slightly, I mean just that. It’s maybe a tenth of a mile farther away. Heck, there’s even a Dollar Tree a block away in the other direction! If it weren’t hot and muggy, I would have absolutely nothing to consider kvetching about — and I’m not kvetching!

One thing I’ve really noticed while unpacking is that we managed to box up and keep a ton of our books (which we could easily have lived without), but we had to give away a lot of stuff we really liked and should have packed because we were so bad about packing up stuff on time when we were living in CA. The same thing is true of this move. We are still missing stuff that is at Nick’s house that we’ve got to pick up on Friday night. We are just not good at prioritizing what goes in boxes. But we ARE good at making organized heaps of stuff. 🙂

As the place comes together, I really am more and more pleased by it. This apartment is just as “adult” looking as our last place in Glendale. I’m already able to tell that I’ll be proud to have folks over and say, “This is my home.”

What really rocks, though, is that I’m truly able to take care of myself, so far. If I need to go get something, my legs have taken me where I need to go, reliably. If I want to carry something into another room – my arms have complied. Sure, I’ve been experiencing fatigue here and there, but that’s to be expected with this much stress and heat.

Hands down, I can call this move a success.

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