Chapter 57: Honest/Genuine Manner (Being Yourself)

Because principles govern a nation,
Because it’s odd to use force,
Because to lack work is to choose domination

How do I know that this is true?
Because of this: I am alive!

Everywhere, there is much jealousy
that people avoid talking about.

The nation is full of poverty.
Many people benefit by this design.
The nation nourishes this cloudy thinking.

Many people craft skillfully, wonderful objects
nourishing the market and causing it to rise.

Laws further nourish this manifest.

The thriving marketplace gives birth to many robbers and thieves.

Therefore, the sages say:

“I wu wei!

(I do nothing that doesn’t come naturally!)

and the people will be transformed; (Tao-ized even!)

I will take it easy and be calm,

and the people will become correct;

I will lack work,

and the people will become rich;

I will lack desire,

and the people will have all that they need to be happy.”


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