Chapter 52: Back at Square One.

Everything existed in the beginning.

Consider that everything is female.
Since De (goodness/virtue/morality) is its mother,
and is aware of her child,
who again will guard her mother,
upon death she fears no peril.

S/he is unenlightened
who shuts off his senses
and instead spends his lifelong
in diligent silence.

Open your eyes and ears
to cash the experiences of life,
for if you are frugal in that matter,
there are none who can save you.

To appear small, to speak clearly, to guard softly, to speak with force:
Use your inner light.

Duplicate its clarity,
lose the pregnant calamity,
in order to be ever studious of
the way to be yourself.

No News is Good News

Wish I had something to share but there’s nothing going on.

Life is good. I’m content, and am handling the odd seizure here and there with a good attitude.

They only happen when I’m fighting off a cold or have forgotten my meds.

Right now, I feel like I’m just recharging…

Chapter 51: Giving Birth to De

The Tao gives birth to all things.
Goodness/Virtue (“De”) raises them.
Matter shapes them.
Conditions complete them.

Yes, according to the Ten Thousand Things,
there is none who doesn’t honor the Tao
as well as precious De.

Tao’s honor, De’s presciousness,
there is none who in life,
plan to exhault or worship,
but it frequently happens naturally.

Thus, Tao gives birth to it,
De raised it;
always nourishing it;
maturing and completing it;
giving birth even to the point of overflow.

To give birth without needing to exist,
To be without needing to rely upon,
To live forever without needing to slaughter,
This is to speak of mysterious De.

My blog has its own Wu Wei! :-D

I will be honest with you, readers. When I got online yesterday, I had the thought, “I haven’t written in my blog in 2 weeks. I may as well pack it up. No one really reads me anyway, right?”

But then I looked at my site stats and noticed something: there were hits every day, even when I didn’t write anything. Sure, they weren’t homepage hits, but every day somebody looks at one of my earlier entries. Whether it’s my paleo chili recipe or the paleo chocolate chip cookies recipe, my self-care awesomeness chart, or learning about how EMDR helped me get rid of seizures, my blog entries are being read by people, even while it doesn’t grow, and even while I am doing nothing with it!

There’s something really awesome about the knowledge that even when I’m not doing anything, I’m making a difference in the lives of people I don’t know. It makes me want to write more and to continue to share the challenges that go on in my world. It lets me know that I matter, and that writing matters, in a way that is much larger than just the catharsis and creative outlet it gives me.

And that’s really cool.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for supporting my writing habit. Thank you for helping to change the way I look at the world and my place in it. Whether we know each other or not, reader, you’re very special to me.

Chapter 50: Precious Growth

To be born, to enter, to die.

Of every 10 born, there are 3 who are disciples of life.
Of every 10 dying, there are 3 who are disciples of death.

People grow until death where they rest in the earth.
Of every 10 living, there are 3 who are disciples of the earth.

And for what reason?

According to their life essence, to grow generously.

But I have heard of one
who is so good at absorbing life and growing
that he need not shun a rhino or a tiger
who would fear no military force.

A rhinoceros would be indifferent to throw his horn.
A tiger would be indifferent to show his claws.
Soldiers would be indifferent to raise their arms.
Who is this man?

A man in which death does not reside.

Hi there.

Two weeks since I’ve written on my blog. Shameful. You’d think that there was a lot going on in my life.

Well there has been!

First, my husband, Adam, got a new job! He made a big move into management at a new company, complete with an increase in hours and responsibility. I’m incredibly proud of him. His new gig means that within the next 6 months, we’ll have enough money saved up for a down payment on a really respectable house! Which brings us to #2

We’ve also been shopping for houses! Those two things (adjusting to a new job and shopping for houses) are enough to keep anyone busy. If that weren’t enough, I’ve also been keeping up with my food journal enough to have noticed that there’s a real, genuine need for us to return to a modified Paleo lifestyle.

It’s not just me who has increased feelings of sluggishness and ache-iness with increased grains and legumes in our diet! Adam does too. He’s much more quick to blame the weather for his aches and pains though.

The first step, for me, before deciding to make the move back to the Paleo diet, was to get allergy tested. Thankfully, I’m not allergic to anything. I’ve just noticed that my MS aches are worse when I eat a lot of corn products.

As for dairy – American dairy products have been banned in Europe because they contain rBGH (Bovine Growth Hormone), which has been linked to causing cancer. So, I’m sticking with the Paleo dairy rules – sheep and goat cheeses, almond milk. The last thing I need is cancer on top of what I’ve already got. I know I can do raw milk, but I don’t really drink that much milk, so I’m not fretting over it.

When we were on the diet earlier in the year, we were keeping ourselves much more honest and good with our food choices and we lost weight and felt better. Since we dropped off the diet, we’ve gained weight and haven’t been very pleased with the way we feel. We both thought that we were returning to an alternate healthy way of eating, but the way we feel and the way we look say otherwise!

So, you can look forward to new recipes, as I find and make new delicious paleo meals.

It’s time for me to once again ditch the sandwiches and embrace the salads… to eschew the oatmeal in favor of the egg scrambles.

Truth be told, eating well and properly tastes better. It just takes a lot more time and requires that you wash a lot more dishes. Good health is worth the work, though.

An Update

No More Etsy

Well, I closed my Etsy account because I had sold a total of 1 pair of earrings and it was to a childhood friend. I can do that here, without paying someone a quarter a month.

Heck, I could make earrings all year long and get a booth at a craft fair and do better.

Happy Birthday to my Dad, Aunt Caren, and Uncle Stuart

Dad and Aunt Caren’s Birthday is today. Uncle Stuart’s birthday was yesterday. I hope that you all are doing well and that you have a lot of fun on your birthdays respectively and that this year is better than this past year for everybody.

It’s May!

That means it’s time for me to learn guitar scales. Why? Because I put it on my calendar, that’s why. You can’t play wicked solos and prog rock if you can’t play scales.

I’m gonna try to learn the major scales from this:

Maybe you can play along?