Chapter 54: To Study and Observe (The Tao)

A good builder is not promoted
(because he is good!);
A good snuggler is not pushed away
(because the snuggles would disappear!).

For posterity, offerings and sacrifices will not be turned away.

If you study the Tao, your De (goodness/virtue) must be genuine.
To be a student of the Tao, you must have De in excess. (Who knew?)

To study Tao in the home, shows that your De is constant.
To cultivate Tao at the state level, shows that one’s De is great.
To cultivate Tao in Heaven and Hell, shows that De is universal and omnipresent.

Because they are setting a good example to watch as people,
musicians and revolutionaries observe each other,
because villages look at villages,
because nations look at nations,
because everything and everyone compare themselves to one another.

How do I know everything tries to become correct?

Because of this.

(The Tao. I am alive. I experience it.)

Chapter 53: The Benefit of Proof

To make an introduction
of myself correctly
to know of my existence,
we must be alone,
because I cause fear.

The great Tao is a barbarian,
and most people prefer
an easier-going path.

A dynasty, very divided,
its fields covered with weeds,
storehouse devoid of content;

Clothes, language, affairs,
show advantage – a double-edged sword!

Loathe food and drink,
Wealth, money, and remainder
are plundered to boast.

To act in such a manner is against the Tao!

A Ragtime For the Bedraggled

I just wrote some lyrics. I’m gonna post em here – so I guess it’s more of a poem for y’all, since I haven’t recorded any sound with it. It’s about MS. I’m in a bit of pain at the moment: achy all over, tired, and I was thinking about how hard some of us work (at least I know I have at times) to be super happy and present — it’s about like putting on a Vaudeville act. I started hearing ragtime music in my head, and this is what came out.

A Ragtime For The Bedraggled

Silent inner predator,
It’s as though you are the
p h y s i c a l
manifestation of my
seething self hatred;
And I think
now that I’ve
Gotten it
Under Control
You Should Be Tooooo…

[:You should cooperate.
Why don’t you just play nice?
You seem to be the only part of me
that don’t know how. (ba-dump ba-dump!)

And maybe that’s why you devour me.
It’s cause I’m so sweet!
Well maybe I’ll never get that
Under Control,
But I will get you.
OooooooOoooooooOooOoo…. :]

Chapter 52: Back at Square One.

Everything existed in the beginning.

Consider that everything is female.
Since De (goodness/virtue/morality) is its mother,
and is aware of her child,
who again will guard her mother,
upon death she fears no peril.

S/he is unenlightened
who shuts off his senses
and instead spends his lifelong
in diligent silence.

Open your eyes and ears
to cash the experiences of life,
for if you are frugal in that matter,
there are none who can save you.

To appear small, to speak clearly, to guard softly, to speak with force:
Use your inner light.

Duplicate its clarity,
lose the pregnant calamity,
in order to be ever studious of
the way to be yourself.

No News is Good News

Wish I had something to share but there’s nothing going on.

Life is good. I’m content, and am handling the odd seizure here and there with a good attitude.

They only happen when I’m fighting off a cold or have forgotten my meds.

Right now, I feel like I’m just recharging…

Chapter 51: Giving Birth to De

The Tao gives birth to all things.
Goodness/Virtue (“De”) raises them.
Matter shapes them.
Conditions complete them.

Yes, according to the Ten Thousand Things,
there is none who doesn’t honor the Tao
as well as precious De.

Tao’s honor, De’s presciousness,
there is none who in life,
plan to exhault or worship,
but it frequently happens naturally.

Thus, Tao gives birth to it,
De raised it;
always nourishing it;
maturing and completing it;
giving birth even to the point of overflow.

To give birth without needing to exist,
To be without needing to rely upon,
To live forever without needing to slaughter,
This is to speak of mysterious De.

My blog has its own Wu Wei! :-D

I will be honest with you, readers. When I got online yesterday, I had the thought, “I haven’t written in my blog in 2 weeks. I may as well pack it up. No one really reads me anyway, right?”

But then I looked at my site stats and noticed something: there were hits every day, even when I didn’t write anything. Sure, they weren’t homepage hits, but every day somebody looks at one of my earlier entries. Whether it’s my paleo chili recipe or the paleo chocolate chip cookies recipe, my self-care awesomeness chart, or learning about how EMDR helped me get rid of seizures, my blog entries are being read by people, even while it doesn’t grow, and even while I am doing nothing with it!

There’s something really awesome about the knowledge that even when I’m not doing anything, I’m making a difference in the lives of people I don’t know. It makes me want to write more and to continue to share the challenges that go on in my world. It lets me know that I matter, and that writing matters, in a way that is much larger than just the catharsis and creative outlet it gives me.

And that’s really cool.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for supporting my writing habit. Thank you for helping to change the way I look at the world and my place in it. Whether we know each other or not, reader, you’re very special to me.