Chapter 55: Mysterious Marking

To contain De in all its generosity, is like being a naked child.

Poisonous insects do not sting him,
Ferocious beasts do not seize him,
Birds do not use their talons to take him away,

Bones are weak, muscles are soft, but
his grasp is strong.

He does not yet know the difference between female and male,
but his organ is functional and life bringing.

All day, he will cry without needing to become hoarse, (for he is in harmony)

To not need to be hoarse is called harmonious.
To know the harmonious is to be enlightened. (as all children are)

It is a benefit to be born or to grow.
To speak of it is auspicious.

The heart and mind enable vital breath to speak to power.

Familiar strong things speak of immorality,
immorality long ago.
(Immorality which was ended by the Tao)

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