Chapter 54: To Study and Observe (The Tao)

A good builder is not promoted
(because he is good!);
A good snuggler is not pushed away
(because the snuggles would disappear!).

For posterity, offerings and sacrifices will not be turned away.

If you study the Tao, your De (goodness/virtue) must be genuine.
To be a student of the Tao, you must have De in excess. (Who knew?)

To study Tao in the home, shows that your De is constant.
To cultivate Tao at the state level, shows that one’s De is great.
To cultivate Tao in Heaven and Hell, shows that De is universal and omnipresent.

Because they are setting a good example to watch as people,
musicians and revolutionaries observe each other,
because villages look at villages,
because nations look at nations,
because everything and everyone compare themselves to one another.

How do I know everything tries to become correct?

Because of this.

(The Tao. I am alive. I experience it.)

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