Hi there.

Two weeks since I’ve written on my blog. Shameful. You’d think that there was a lot going on in my life.

Well there has been!

First, my husband, Adam, got a new job! He made a big move into management at a new company, complete with an increase in hours and responsibility. I’m incredibly proud of him. His new gig means that within the next 6 months, we’ll have enough money saved up for a down payment on a really respectable house! Which brings us to #2

We’ve also been shopping for houses! Those two things (adjusting to a new job and shopping for houses) are enough to keep anyone busy. If that weren’t enough, I’ve also been keeping up with my food journal enough to have noticed that there’s a real, genuine need for us to return to a modified Paleo lifestyle.

It’s not just me who has increased feelings of sluggishness and ache-iness with increased grains and legumes in our diet! Adam does too. He’s much more quick to blame the weather for his aches and pains though.

The first step, for me, before deciding to make the move back to the Paleo diet, was to get allergy tested. Thankfully, I’m not allergic to anything. I’ve just noticed that my MS aches are worse when I eat a lot of corn products.

As for dairy – American dairy products have been banned in Europe because they contain rBGH (Bovine Growth Hormone), which has been linked to causing cancer. So, I’m sticking with the Paleo dairy rules – sheep and goat cheeses, almond milk. The last thing I need is cancer on top of what I’ve already got. I know I can do raw milk, but I don’t really drink that much milk, so I’m not fretting over it.

When we were on the diet earlier in the year, we were keeping ourselves much more honest and good with our food choices and we lost weight and felt better. Since we dropped off the diet, we’ve gained weight and haven’t been very pleased with the way we feel. We both thought that we were returning to an alternate healthy way of eating, but the way we feel and the way we look say otherwise!

So, you can look forward to new recipes, as I find and make new delicious paleo meals.

It’s time for me to once again ditch the sandwiches and embrace the salads… to eschew the oatmeal in favor of the egg scrambles.

Truth be told, eating well and properly tastes better. It just takes a lot more time and requires that you wash a lot more dishes. Good health is worth the work, though.

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