Chapter 49: The Assignment of Virtue

Saints frequently lack heart;
because the heart of the common people
has become their heart.

To those who are good to me,
I am good to them.
To those who are bad to me,
I am also good to them.
Virtue good.

The most trustworthy person, I trust him.
The most untrustworthy person, I trust him too.
Virtue trust.

Saints exist everywhere and anywhere
because anywhere there is muddy heart,
common people open up
their eyes and ears.

The saint in all cases is a child.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 49: The Assignment of Virtue

  1. Its asume mind you have we are fighting a alful battle but you stay strong and keep writing i just got done with a great drip my foot is still numb but im fighter i walked 2 miles if we give up ms wins have a blessed day

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