Chapter 47: To Warn Off Going Far

You need not go beyond your household door,
to be aware of everything,
Nor peep into a lattice window
to see Heaven’s Way.

He that goes out far distances to fill (his mind),
He knows little (of value) to fill (his mind) with.

Therefore, saints will not travel to get their knowledge.
They will not see something to understand it.
They will not labor too hard on a subject in order to be a success.

By not forcing their will by leaving home or laboring too hard, they are paying attention to and using their wu-wei.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 47: To Warn Off Going Far

  1. ,, I agree with you, I have been labeled bilopar and I know its a crock of shit, some people seem to love the attention of having a illness. The behavior associated with bilopar is completely normal and anybody could experience it under certain conditions, like chicks who are sad because they know there ugly or someone wants to suicide because there priest was a peddo, In my case my girl cheated on me and I never got over it. There is always cause, it’s not a random disorder.

    • There’s nothing random about bipolar disorder. There are a lot of things that go into it. I’m sorry that you’ve suffered with it.

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