Chapter 39: The Origins of Buddhist Teachings & Taoist Ways

Those ancient things that have attained “Oneness” are:
Heaven attains “oneness” because it is complete and pure;
Earth obtains “oneness” because it is peaceful;
God is said to have “oneness” because the divine essence is effective and intelligent;
The Valley must have “oneness” because it is full;
The Ten Thousand Things have achieved “oneness” simply by being born into this world!
(Hey! That’s you and me, folks!)
And Kings and Great Leaders have their “Oneness” because they believe that their controlling the all the land under heaven makes it so. (Basically, because we let them!)

Basically folks, we’re all one.
It ain’t rocket science. We’re b’shrt. Meant to be.
How do I know? We’re here.
If we weren’t b’shrt, we wouldn’t be here.
It’s a Jewish Concept as well as a Taoist, Buddhist concept here!

If Heaven were not pure, it might be rent asunder!
If Earth were not peaceful, it might crack!
We could become crippled if God were not intelligent and effective.
We may have to put fears to rest if the Valley is not filled with surplus.
The Ten Thousand things may never be born, and
The Kings and Great Leaders will have no one to rule.

Thus dignity takes its root at the foundation.
Kings and Wise Leaders call themselves lonely, widowed, or orphaned.
The origins are iniquitous and lowly so that dignity can rise from them.

Thus the Kings understand their place in the power structure of life:
That the parts of a carriage (like the parts of a kingdom) do not make up a carriage, but the unity of those parts is what makes a carriage (or kingdom) whole.

A leader who has achieved and understands “Oneness”
neither wishes to be overvalued, like a precious gem,
or undervalued, like a common stone.

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