The best conversation I had this week…

is what I’d be writing about, if I could concentrate on anything aside from the ridiculous pain in my hip area.

I cannot believe I feel the absolute need to show my MRI to my mother-in-law, but after mentioning deep hip pain to a woman who has had surgery on her hip, I personally feel like I would show my oligonical bands to her if I could – tough lady that she is. (And I should clarify, she’s tough – not tough on me!)

Today was hard, despite my being in a great mood, surrounded by family and love, and having a good time. And honestly, writing this right now is hard, when it doesn’t need to be.

Some days you just have to give yourself over to medication and then sleep after a while. It’s better to have a jam-packed few hours of wonderfulness with folks you love and then a sleep coma than no fun at all.

REMEMBER: When playing hold em with chips with family members, you always stay in for the flop. Always. Or you’re a pansy. 🙂

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