Happy Passover & Happy Easter!

Hey Party People!

It’s a good weekend all around. It’s time to celebrate, regardless of what religion you are, really. If you’re Jewish, it’s time for Passover. If you’re a flavor of Christian, it’s time for Easter. If you’re non-religious, it’s finally springtime!

The sun is finally staying out longer, the temperatures are rising slightly, and the flowers are blooming. Winter is officially OVER.

Today, I’m going out to get an inexpensive stock pot so that I can make Matzo Ball Soup for my family.

YES, I’m painfully aware of how non-Paleo that is. NO, I don’t care. Some things are worth breaking the diet for. This is one of them. Besides, it’s a once a year type thing, and in a very funny non-traditional sort of way, it’s going to be paired with ham as a main course, so it’s not like I’m going carb crazy or something! (or keeping kosher!) 🙂

The best part about spring, in my opinion, aside from all the beautiful blooming flowers and trees is that we can take walks outside again, and that really helps me incorporate exercise into my daily life.

Exercise is so important for folks with MS because if we let our muscles atrophy, we can end up in a wheelchair so much faster! I am determined to stay out of a wheelchair for as long as possible! That means walking some every day.

Besides just getting some good exercise, it’s also really great for the spirit and good for relationships if you have a buddy who walks with you. Adam and my relationship really blossommed when we were going on walks to Blockbuster or to the park together back when we were living in Glendale, and so whenever we go on walks nowadays, it’s got a romantic throw-back feel to it, which makes exercising that much easier for me.

I hope that no matter what you’re doing this weekend, it involves some sort of activity that gets you off your couch and out into the sunshine!

This weekend celebration is all about appreciating the newness all around us as the world sheds its old, and puts on a new coat of pretty! It’s time for cleaning, freshening, and for beauty and good attitudes to get their start.

I hope everyone reading has a wonderful beginning to their Spring!

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