Enjoying your riches…

This morning I had a good talk with my brother in law, Nick, about life… about how we, as humans, all have a tendency to fret about things rather than seeing the riches on the opposite side of the fear.

We worry about getting a job when we don’t have one. We worry about job security once we do have that job, and if we’re not worried about job security, then we tend to be overly concerned in too short an amount of time about upward mobility or whether or not we’re being valued for our efforts.

There seems to be a pervasive toxic attitude throughout society that whatever our situation may be, it’s simply not enough, and if it is enough, then you ought to be worried, because something is going to go horribly wrong.

Now, I may have gone through an awful lot of shit in my life, but at least I own up to the part I played in all of it, including the self-sabotage: and I continue to try to integrate those experiences into my life by going to therapy and focusing on being in the present.

I am only able to act reasonably outside of crisis by acknowledging that I have been in crisis many times. It is only by recognizing who I am today: a happily married woman who is NOT in danger of being the victim of violence, or in danger of living on the street, that I am able to work through the fearsome past that I have already conquered.

It is by fighting the ghosts of my past and the phantom fears of a future that does not exist that I become stronger for a genuine tomorrow that will exist in integrity with my real, un-protected genuine self.

I know that I only have a chance for happiness when I look at what I am truly grateful for, which is why I take the time to list what things, lessons, and people I am grateful for when I engage in an exercise called the Gratitude Rampage.

All you have to do is sit down and write for 10 full minutes about what you’re grateful for, and you can feel your resentment for the world start to dissipate. You can feel your “I can’t” feelings go away as you creatively problem solve for yourself.

When you are grateful for your problems, the solutions present themselves. Or at least ways to cope with the problems…

If you’re too busy thinking about the “what-if’s” of life, you won’t be able to enjoy the riches that are right in front of your face… like the screen you’re reading this on.

I’m grateful for your attention, for your time, and for the opportunity to have influenced you to see what wonders exist in your world.

Do you have new chances to grow? Is life giving you an opportunity for new happiness? Or is now about learning to let go? Is your current bag of riches filled with beautiful memories?

Whether you’re gaining new insights and skills or just learning to appreciate what you had, grieving, and taking stock of what’s in front of you, what matters most is that you take the time to take stock of what’s right in front of you, and that you use it to the best of your abilities… whether that means seeing the people who happen to be in your town, or picking up an old instrument, whether it means taking advantage of your half-painted rec room and finishing it off, or making the most of having a day off just by sleeping in.

You’re only truly rich if you are happy with exactly what you’ve got. And it doesn’t take millions of dollars to get you there. It just takes humility and gratitude.

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