Everything kills you a little bit.

You can’t control the time you have.
You can’t control the time it takes.
Death comes when Death decides,
Stealthier than smoke or snake.

So you better enjoy the day this time
Open up your hazy eyes
Wipe away the sad and lazy
Take a look at what you have.

Happiness lies in knowing well
What you don’t need in life.
And All You Need Is

Everything kills you a little bit.
Taking a breath, fresh air or cigarette.
Your morning cuppa coffee…
The beer when you come home…
The burger that was red meat…
The cell phone calls to home…

How are you spending your life?
Do you feel like you are living right?

Tell me, are you awake and living?
Are you tired or are you giving
The spark of life inside you
Chance to SHINE?

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