Cowgirling Up & other fun.


Met my new Epileptoligist today!

Dr. R is pretty great. She was very thorough, and we’re going up on my Topamax to bring me up to 300 mg a day from 200mg. She wanted me to go back into the hospital for 5 days of EEG video monitoring, but I declined the opportunity to remain next-to-motionless for a week while wearing electrodes on my noggin with the gauze football helmet-of-doom for a second time. I figured we’d give the Topamax a chance to work, since I’m still having seizures almost daily, and that if going up on the med didn’t help, then I’d submit myself for a week of torture.

Cowgirling Up

Speaking of torture, just because I realized that being a front-woman with an active seizure disorder was not a good idea doesn’t mean that I told the band that I’m auditioning that… I still have an audition this coming Saturday night, complete with playing guitar and singing at the same time.

I figure, if I’m taking more Topamax, I might not have seizures with strobes. And if I don’t have those seizures, then I have nothing to worry about.

And if all I have to fear is fear itself, I should be less of a weenie.

Besides which, it’s only an audition: no guarantee that they’ll want me! If they do, excellent! If they don’t, I can put my own band together. Either way, it’s good experience. So, I’m preparing “Respect” in the style of Aretha Franklin, and will be doing my best to show that I can “rhythm guitar” for myself.

The New Hotness

My listening audience at home has grown too. Now, it’s not just Brisco, Adam, and Nick who get to let me know how I’m doing. We have a new foster kitten, Oliver!


Say "Hi" to Oliver!

Poor Oliver has frostbitten ears. But they’re so cute. We just got him 2 days ago, and he’s a total purrbucket. He just wants to love on everyone. There’s no question in my mind that after March 20th (when he gets the big snip), he’ll be adopted quickly.

And that’s about the long and the short of it here. We got a sneak peak at the MRI results: and guess what? I HAVE MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS! Shock of all shocks. 😉 They didn’t say whether or not there were new lesions though: that’s one for Dr. J.

Hope everyone’s having a happy Tuesday.

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