I didn’t make it.

Yesterday, I totally broke the Whole46.

I had an MRI yesterday. It was on a fMRI machine that was stronger than one I’d been on previously. My whole head was buzzing the whole time it was going, and at one point, one of my legs shot straight up. The lab tech let me know he took lots of extra pictures of that area of my brain, and that he’s never seen that happen before.

I have to wait til the 26th to see my doctor and find out about the specialness going on there, but a Chocolate Mint tea was had immediately afterward.

I know Dr. Wahls says paleo is the way to go. But it’s hard. And we only get one life to be happy.

I’m still trying to live a lifestyle that is bereft of processed foods because it’s better for me… but truth be told, at the moment, I’m a little discouraged.

2 thoughts on “I didn’t make it.

  1. Ya’ know what, in theory it’s better for you – in practice. Who fuckin’ knows.

    I say you do what makes you feel good, and if it means with or without paleo, so be it. The constant stress should I. shouldn’t I, is it good, bad……I’ve done it all, been super healthy and super sick, and the one constant was I was always me. Be you. I wouldn’t go out of my way to do something you thought would impact your health or mental well-being in a negative way, but I say roll with what works for you.

    Science is for the lab, life is for the living, give yourself a break and live a little without the shame or guilt.

    Scottie Xx

    • Doing my best. Had an EEG test today where they were able to induce seizure despite my being fully medicated, with a strobe light.

      Giving up stress and shame is what I’m trying to do in therapy! Guess I’m leaving that off the blog because I get too touchy about it.

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