Why it’s always better to MAKE your almond flour instead of BUY it.

So this may come off as a little “Radical Homemaker”-y or, heaven forbid – ANTI-CONSUMERIST – but Adam and I don’t buy our Almond Flour. EVER. It costs too damn much!

We make our almond flour!

How? We put it in the food processor and eviscerate the almonds, then sift apart the solids from the flour. It takes less than 5 minutes.

And, did you know that 1 cup of almonds yields MORE than 1 cup of sifted almond flour? True fact! There’s air that gets trapped in there.

We buy 3 pound bags of almonds at CostCo for about $9-$10. They have ~9 cups of almonds in there, and it makes about 12 cups of almond flour. This costs us less than if we bought the $4 bag of “Just Almond Meal” at Trader Joe’s which translates to $1/cup almond flour or (Heaven forbid) Bob’s Mill who charges $18 for a pound of flour. It’s half as much for us to make it ourselves.

We did an experiment at home and took pictures so you could get this cute infographic out of it!

Don’t let any recipe that says you have to use a fancy-schmancy brand fool you. ALMONDS ARE ALMONDS. Sometimes blanching beforehand helps, but ultimately, their nuts are no better than yours.

And I know I’m not crazy for sayin it. 😉

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