Well Holy Crap, A Real Entry.

I’m really surprised by how wildly real life is varying from the menus that I write. I always expect them to line up. I mean, I grocery shop based on them. But yesterday looked nothing like the menu. We’d already eaten the spaghetti squash on Saturday when we were fighting the horrible urge to order a pizza, so we made something else.

Since Adam’s been championing the cause of us watching BBQ Pitmasters, and we found pork country ribs on sale for $1.48/lb at Fiesta Market in Bolingbrook, which is real close, we had ribs last night.

BBQ Pit Masters

Making BBQ sauce from scratch was really fun. I decided not to follow any recipe and just make it from scratch based on my palate. I also remember making my life easier by choosing to only use 3 measuring devices: a 1/3 cup measure, a 1/2 TBSP and a TBSP. But then I stopped using measuring implements. AH WELL. Good times anyway. 😉

The ingredients - minus honey

One of the things I’ve loved most about being on the paleo diet so far is finding out how easy and fun it is to make some of our favorite foods that are just expensive at places when you go out to eat. Like ribs! Last night’s dinner cost about $12 for us to make, but 3 of us ate! If we’d gone out to eat, each of us would have paid at least $15 a plate. Eating well at home makes me feel very rich. 🙂

Tonight, we’re having Happy Roast Chicken instead of the scheduled soup because I forgot to buy coconut milk. (Oops!) There’s something about roasting a whole bird that always looks pretty and plentiful.

Anyway, I thought it would be good to take a moment to talk about the reality of what’s going on, over on this side of the screen. Adam and I have been doing good so far, staying within the rules. 1 week of 6 DOWN! 5 to go.

How are you doing, readers? Do you like the way I have the menus set up? Do you have any requests for next week? Today, I’m putting together recipes that I want to include for next week, so that tomorrow I can give you the menu for next week. Let me know if there’s anything special you’ve been craving. Me, personally – I’ve been dying for some burgers… so mushroom-cap sliders are definitely on the way, as are recipes for homemade ketchup and mayo. I personally don’t see the point in homemade mustard.

Hope everyone is doing well. Happy Leap Day!

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