A Whole 46 For Lent! Care To Join Me?

Ok, before you ask: I am not Catholic — but my husband is, and any excuse to motivate myself, I’m all over. So, this year, for Lent, together we are giving up grains, dairy, and legumes entirely and are extending what is usually referred to as a Whole30 into a Whole46!

In order to make things easier for us both (and because I know that by the middle of the first week, I’m going to want to quit if I don’t have the “easy” factor), I’m currently in the process of filling out a spreadsheet of “what we’re gonna eat” for the whole time.

I’m building it based on the meals that we’ve fixed for ourselves over the last 5 months that we’ve enjoyed the most and that have been easy for us to make.

It’s always easier for me to complete tasks when they’re not just for me, so I’m asking: Who wants to join us?

So far, it’s Me, Adam, and a good friend of mine from high school, Emily, who are participating. With Lent starting on the 22nd (next Wednesday), I’m kicking it into high gear so that we can do our week 1 grocery shopping this weekend.

Tomorrow, I’ll put out the list of Week 1’s meals (Wednesday – Saturday), along with a shopping list for those of you who want to play along at home.

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