How to Find Well-Farmed Meat Near You

Well, I told you I was going to teach as I learned, so here we go!

Step One: Go to Eat Wild’s Website! The wonderful folks over there are obsessed with eating grass-fed, free-range well-farmed food.

Step Two: Head on over to their maps/lists of local grass-fed meat, eggs, & dairy, where it says “Shop for Local Grassfed meat, eggs, & dairy” or just click here.

Step Three: Read the page, and make your choice accordingly. They have an alphabetical-by-state listing of farms, which is what I used to find the farm nearest to me (which is fewer than 10 miles away!), and they also have links to farms that ship directly to your home.

For the purposes of this tutorial, I’m going to assume that you’re like me, and that you don’t want to have a full side of beef in your freezer. Instead, you would rather go to a Farmers Market or grocery store and buy your groceries weekly. In that case, go to the alphabetical-by-state listing, find your state, and once you’re on your state’s page, select the link for “Beyond the Farm.”

Here is Illinois’s Beyond The Farm page. It lists the stores, restaurants, and markets that sell grass-fed, free-range meats that are appropriate for the Paleo diet by city.

There are several stores in the Chicagoland area, both in the north and south regions, that carry good cuts of meat, and also several buying clubs that exist. According to the EatWell website, “In a typical buying club, farmers consolidate orders from a number of customers and deliver them to a central location, typically a customer’s home.” Hopefully, there are plenty near you too.

I found a store that carries the meat that I’ve been looking for, and it’s within a 20 minute drive. Hopefully, I can convince Adam to take a drive and check the place out sometime this week. I’ve heard there’s a real difference in the taste of the meat between grass-fed and the stuff that we’re used to having in box-stores. I’m really interested in giving it a try.

I hope that my detective work has helped you out some too! 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day!

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