Paleo Mentors?

I know that this might sound wacky, but I’ve been thinking about how hard the transition to eating Paleo is. It’s so hard going grain-free, dairy free, and legume free that 5 full months into it, I’m starting over fresh with a Whole 30 coming up soon at Lent, and that I’ve given myself a full year to really get into the diet.

Truth be told, I wouldn’t have even started the diet or know half as much as I do if it weren’t for the friends I have who are on it who have acted as mentors to me here and there. But the folks out there who have been willing to journal their forays into their changes in eating, like Paleo Parents, have really been the biggest help. It’s been good to see that I’m not the only person who is more than a little intimidated by making friends with the butcher, seeking out farms to buy from, and moving away from box-store meat.

I still haven’t found a good local farm to order meat from, though I’m certain there is one near by — mostly because I am still not sure what cuts to order, how much to order, or how to butcher the meat once it comes home. It’s left me feeling more like a novice in the kitchen than I care to admit. I keep hearing good things about U.S. Wellness Meats. That’s at least being pointed in the right direction, though it still doesn’t help me choose what to buy for our very small, very cost-conscious family.

I feel like those awesome folks who manage to do Paleo right and on a low budget have some next-level knowledge that I have yet to grok. Cutting coupons from the Sunday paper only does so much when most of those coupons are for products we can’t consume. I already shop at multiple grocery stores to get the best deals… so I’m definitely all ears for lessons, tips, and tricks.

One of the things that’s been hardest for me to realize is that for the last month or so I’ve really been half-assing it. You can’t be Paleo 50% of the time. That’s called not being on the diet. Then, you’re just eating high-calorie foods along with your wheat – and that’s just a prescription for weight gain. Especially when your meats are all from the grocery store, and your veggies aren’t all organic because you can’t afford to spend extra.

I think the hardest thing is having faith that eating differently — that differently — is going to really change your body so much for the positive that it’s worth the expense that you otherwise would end up spending on the medicines you’re going paleo to try to get off of.

As I learn, I’m really trying to share each step of the way for others. If anyone wants to step up to be my Paleo Mentor in the ways of purchasing “proper” meat, I’d really appreciate it.

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