Stuff and Things

Hola! It’s Friday morning, and I feel compelled to make a blog entry, if for no other reason than that I am falling out of the habit.

Life is chugging along, as it does. No big life changes here. I didn’t get to see my MS Specialist this week, like I was supposed to because the Dr. cancelled and rescheduled for the 20th. My psychiatrist increased the amount of Abilify that I’m taking. I hope to God that it helps with the mood swings I’ve been having, though I can’t say that I’m convinced that I’m not at fault for the hormonal problems because of fucking up on my diet…

Paleo Stuff

Truth be told, I am having a heck of a time sticking to the Paleo diet, if for no other reason than the fact that laziness and the paleo diet do not mix. It requires a lot of prep: from meal planning to actual meal execution. And, unfortunately, this is a diet where, if you half-ass it, you gain weight.

The hardest part for me is lunch, because I always think “sandwich” or “wrap” at that time instead of salad or filet of something. Regardless of the numerous options, it’s like I’m unintentionally blocking out the good thinking and reverting to “cheeseburger” or nothing. I didn’t eat this much Wendy’s when I wasn’t on the diet…

Honestly, I’m looking forward to Lent because Adam wants to do strict Whole 30 during that time. We both lost weight, felt better, and looked better when we did a strict Whole 30 during October of last year.

There is some good that goes along with the whiny “I can’t do this, it’s too hard.” part of the transition – and that is that I am continuing to find other, fantastic sites that are helpful.

Yesterday, I came upon Paleo Parents, a blog that is kept by a couple who keep paleo, raise their kids with a paleo lifestyle, and who have lost more than 200 pounds between the two of them!

They have some great advice on their site about how to really make the diet work for you. For example: they suggest allowing trace amounts of sugar, since it’s in fucking everything that’s packaged almost, and in real life, making absolutely everything from scratch makes the diet too hard to do, sometimes.

Life Things

I have finally given in and decided to upgrade my life and get on Skype!

I am not going to hide from the webcam anymore, even though I’m still shy about it. There are too many positives to getting used to using it again. I mean, I have the opportunity to take guitar lessons from a good friend on Skype, as well as to see some of my best friends from across the country – so why not hang out? I stay at home all the time and don’t get to see anybody: this could change my whole paradigm.

Besides, it gives me a damn good reason to shower on a daily basis. 🙂

If you’re hoping to chat, comment or email me. I’m not dumb enough to put my Skype name here. 😉

Happy Friday Everyone!

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