It usually pays to ask…

This morning, I made a phone call to Social Security that gave me knowledge that was very important, which is why I am making this post for you today.

I thought, since I had been awarded Extra Help with Prescription Costs in 2010, that I was automatically signed up for it permanently.


This is why I was not only getting $115 less per month (my Medicare premium was coming out of my monthly stipend), but I also had an additional premium to pay Humana as well.

In one phone call, I learned that you must apply for Extra Help With Prescription Costs EVERY YEAR, regardless of whether or not your life circumstances change.

AND, in making that call, I may have saved myself a couple of thousand dollars this year, which are very sorely needed to pay for medicine and doctor copays! So yay for that!

Best of all, you can apply online now.

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