Scientists have found a way to repair severed nerves!

Well butter my biscuits, and serve me grits! (SO NOT PALEO! *gasp*)

It looks like, according to the Journal of Neuroscience Research, there is a new procedure that has been developed that can repair severed nerves!

“We have developed a procedure which can repair severed nerves within minutes so that the behavior they control can be partially restored within days and often largely restored within two to four weeks,” said Professor George Bittner from the University of Texas. “If further developed in clinical trials this approach would be a great advance on current procedures that usually imperfectly restore lost function within months at best.”

According to Science Daily, “The team [of scientists] were able to repair severed sciatic nerves in the upper thigh, with results showing the rats were able to use their limb within a week and had much function restored within 2 to 4 weeks, in some cases to almost full function.”

“We believe this procedure could produce a transformational change in the way nerve injuries are repaired,” concluded Bittner.

So how does this relate to Multiple Sclerosis?

In multiple sclerosis, once the myelin is removed from our nerves, we develop lesions in places in our nervous systems which act similarly to having severed the nerve completely sometimes. It’s entirely possible that they have found a new treatment for the symptoms that those of us who suffer with MS must endure.

For folks who can no longer walk, I would think that this procedure might prove to be helpful. At least, this article gives me reason to have hope.

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