Threatening to switch meds just to get help.

4 days and no posts.

It’s shameful, really. I could at least translate a chapter of the Tao, one might think… but life hasn’t given itself to that, or the posts would be there.

For those of you who are clucking your teeth, know that I have self-berated.
For those of you who are giggling, know that I am smirking as I write this.

It’s hard to believe that I just got off the phone with Shared Solutions, letting them know that it’s been more than a month that I have been without Copaxone on their account and that I am suffering through a relapse – and that if they’re not gonna help me, I’m gonna have to switch meds. Rebif is givin a year free right now, though I don’t know how wise it is to go that route. I am done with my Medrol dose pack, but I am still dealing with numb tinglys off and on throughout my side and top of my chest and my left pinky and ring fingers. It’s weird typing with them, but it can be done — mostly because I know to will my way through it. I’m sleepy all the time. Even with ZipFizz. I don’t care that it’s not Paleo. I’m tired. Very tired.

Right now, I’m just trying to keep going. I don’t think sleeping all day is the answer, much as I wish it was. Instead, I think it involves a smoothie, picking out some recipes to try this week, and convincing Adam to make a trip with me to Trader Joe’s to pick up some bananas and salsa (not to be used together!) and Whole Foods for whatever other ingredients we need.

In the battle of Rae vs. the totally lame, I cannot let lame and boring win!!! Mostly because that means I’m bored. And I can’t have that, now, can I?

Hope all you readers are rockin it out in the free world… or some other awesomely awkward quote that would befit a reading by Paul Rudd. Peace.

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