To the Daughter I May Never Have, and Anyone Else Who Gives a Damn.

My sweet child
Know that the day your life began
Was the day your real life started
You don’t need to wait for permission
to begin changing the world around you
You can’t help yourself from doing it anyway.

Make it beautiful. Make it Bloom.
Make the cars go honk and zoom.
And don’t let anyone convince you
that they have control.

None of us has the answers.
We are all missing something
and are looking for more.
It’s why we look to each other.

You are the most important person in your world.
No one in all of time and space
in any dimension at any place in history
will ever know the contents of
Your Mind And Heart
Unless You Share
By Creatively Expressing.

You are a Piece of The Puzzle of Forever
And so is everyone else.

The answer to the question of
“Why life?” is
“Why not?”

You cannot escape yourself;
No matter how hard you try.
You will always find yourself,
Right back in your skin again

And it is not a punishment.
And it is not a blessing.
If you do it right, it’s art.
And really, my darling,
You can’t do it wrong.

4 thoughts on “To the Daughter I May Never Have, and Anyone Else Who Gives a Damn.

    • Thanks, Mom. 🙂 Adam liked it too – told me it would apply to Sons I might never have too. I had to give it to him on that one. 😉

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