You Reap What You Sow

So today I’m sowing seeds of positivity.

First, a hot and sexy rock and roll ballad that harkens back to the red-hot riffs of Heart from the late 70’s and early 80s. You can’t like Hard Rock and not like this song. I defy you to try.

Secondly, actual seeds to sew! This is what, if I had land and money, I would want to get into the ground soon. I’m thinking about trying to save up so I can plant these at the in-law’s house! Trees are awesome because they bear fruit even after you’re gone.


Lapins Cherry, Roxbury Russet Apple, Seckel Pear, Santa Rosa Plum, Red Haven Peach, Newtown Pippin Apple

From the Trees of Antiquity Website: “This is a great representation of some of the best unique fruit varieties to start your backyard orchard. Pollination requirements are met and some of these varieties are self-fertile, so they will make excellent pollinators for future additions to you collections. Harvest will extend from early July through the end of October, and you’ll have an abundance of tasty fruit to enjoy and share. Purchase these trees as a collection rather than as individual trees and save 20%! These trees are all grafted on semidwarf rootstock.”

And lastly, I’m spending a good portion of today at putting together a rough draft of a business plan for both this blog and a production company.  Because failing to plan is planning to fail, and planning is the way you succeed. Or so I hear.

2 thoughts on “You Reap What You Sow

  1. i’d love to have my own little orchard! what a fabulous idea. just wondering where i would put one… hmmmmm. there’s plenty of acres but the ones with the houses aren’t great for that. also been thinking on and off about honeybees for some reason.

    • Does the house make the land less fertile? I’m thinking that beekeeping is a great idea. They’re dying off! I can handle a lot of stinging, so it might be something for me to do someday. Besides… I LOVE HONEY!!!

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